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Update – BFP highs, lows, and highs again

Well it’s been a while since I’ve made a post but quite a bit has happened. First off – I’m pregnant!!!

Transfer #2 was very similar to the first one. Continue reading “Update – BFP highs, lows, and highs again”



My frozen embryo cycle called for a new medication protocol. I’d take an estrogen pill (Estradiol) 3 times a day and I’d also wear a small patch on my stomach (Minivelle) that was to be changed every 3 days…it all seemed so simple and straight forward. Then the nurse casually mentioned to me… “I just called in your progesterone prescription, you’ll most likely start that one on Sunday”

“Progesterone?” I asked, “Is that another pill?” Little did I know… Continue reading “PIO”


Post Retrieval – New Plan of Action

Once I made it through the retrieval I was feeling pretty great! I’d survived “stimming” (those daily hormone injections designed to produce multiple follicles), and I’d survived the actual retrieval, which involved almost being stuck in a hurricane. In my mind, the worst was most definitely behind me.

My doctor informed me that my ovaries were over stimulated so instead of doing a “fresh” transfer, which I was expecting, he was now recommending an FET (frozen embryo transfer). Had we gone the fresh transfer route, my transfer would have been a few days after the retrieval; a frozen transfer meant the timeline was being pushed back.  Continue reading “Post Retrieval – New Plan of Action”


Hurricane Harvey/ Retrieval Day

On Thursday, while working from home, I got an instant message from one of my coworkers: “did you know a hurricane’s coming?!?! It’s supposed to hit Corpus Cristi then head in our direction…THIS WEEKEND! WTF!”  I just sat there staring at the screen for a few minutes.

After the news sank in, I sprang into action. I started typing frantically, weather.com, national weather service, CNN, then all the local stations KHOU, KPRC, Fox26… and there it was: a tropical storm named Harvey was headed straight for us, and it was expected to make landfall on Friday night, it was also gaining strength and expected to turn into a hurricane by the weekend.

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Day 9

We’re getting the hang of this. I still feel like a human pin cushion, but it is getting easier. My strategy is: do it quickly. Menapur burns going in so my original plan was to take it very slowly…last night I switched things up and I was all about speed. I had V push it in quickly while I grimaced.

Much better, much easier. It hurt, but it was over sooner.

Today I go in for another routine ultrasound and blood work to find out how my follies are growing. I feel like the finish line is right around the corner. Then I’ll need to conjure up all the faith, hope and strength I have in me to believe, expect, and plan for success.

IVF has definitely taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was. It’s also taught me to surrender, trust the process, and be patient with my body.

Current symptoms: I’m feeling bloated, fatigued, muscle aches…


My Saline Infused Ultrasound Fail

Today was supposed to be my SIS (Saline Infused Ultrasound). It’s a simple procedure where the doctor inserts a catheter into the uterus and fills the uterus with Saline. They also do a vaginal ultrasound at the same time so they can take a look at the uterus to check for polyps or fibroids or anything that could cause a fertility issue. The procedure should take just a few minutes and it’s relatively painless with the exception of some cramping.

That was not the case with me. The doc couldn’t get the catheter to stay in. So after several very painful attempts, he determined that it simply wasn’t working. Instead, I’ll have to do a hysteriscopy (a more invasive procedure performed under general anesthesia.

Times like this I try to contour up the faith that I have. Here I was anticipating the meds being the hardest part, but I can’t even get to that phase without experiencing these setbacks along the way.

“Trust the process, things are unfolding exactly as they need to to ensure my success…”is the mantra I repeat over and over again.

So for now I wait for the surgical center to contact me and schedule my hysteroscopy.

The journey continues…