New Year, New FET

After my unsuccessful first frozen embryo transfer (FET) in October, I decided to take the rest of the year off to emotionally heal. On one hand, I wanted to jump right into another cycle as soon as possible; but on the other hand, IVF is expensive and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to afford a 3rd FET. This meant FET #2 had to work. I decided to take some time to get to a better place physically and emotionally to increase my chances of success the second time around.

What I did in the break:

  1. I meditated a lot. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and this fertility process really intensified that, so I made it a priority to meditate and focus on relaxation techniques and visualization exercises.
  2. I started a new medication protocol. Once my post miscarriage blood panel revealed that had the MTFHR gene mutation, I started on Folgard and a daily baby aspirin regimen.
  3. The new-ager in me also did an energy cleaning at the end of the year. I bought some sage and did a smudging ceremony/ house blessing. (This entails lighting a sage smudge stick, opening all the doors and windows, and walking around the house thanking the universe/God for everything in your life, while also asking for more blessings etc.) The idea is to clean out all the old energy and make room for something new. I also included myself in the ceremony, thanking my body for being strong and resilient, while also asking for a successful transfer, healthy pregnancy, and healthy baby. This wasn’t an official ceremony, just me and some sage, but the exercise felt great.
  4. I also continued to wear my moonstone necklace. I don’t know if there’s any validity to the healing power of crystals – but I like what moonstone represents and wearing it around my neck served as a constant reminder and affirmation of the power of being a woman.
  5. I didn’t make any significant dietary changes. I don’t have any major bad habits (I don’t eat junk food or drink soda, I eat fast food less than once every other month) but I did continue to cut out all alcohol, and I added more green vegetables and flaxseed to my diet. I planned to exercise, but I didn’t.
  6. I continued to trust the science. Since the first time we spoke, I had 100% confidence in my doctor and his process. While I was disappointed with the result of the first FET, I trusted him. I did everything I was told to do, went to every appointment I was scheduled for, took every medication prescribed.

I then chose my new transfer date – January 5th. That gave me time to make baby M’s first Thanksgiving and Chiristmas special (without the distraction of doctor appointments). Once we returned to Houston after spending Christmas with family, I felt recharged and ready to begin again.

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