Next Steps

After my chemical pregnancy last October, my doctor had me do a “miscarriage panel” of blood work to check to see if there was any issue that we’d need to address.

The test revealed that I have an MTHFR gene mutation. Basically this gene is involved with how your body processes folic acid…there are a lot of conflicting articles on this topic so it’s hard to make sense of it all; there are also different types of mutations with varying degrees of severity, so having the mutation doesn’t really mean a whole lot without knowing all the other factors involved. In my case, my doctor wasn’t that concerned (I have a single mutation), but as a precaution he added a new medication to my protocol (Folgard). After reading online blogs and articles on the topic and completely freaking myself out, I asked my doctor if I could start a daily baby aspirin regimen (this is apparently very common with women doing IVF), I also asked him if I could replace my regular prenatal vitamin for one that contains folate instead of folic acid. He said both were fine.

I also started meditating. I’ve practiced meditation in the past, but not on a set routine, so this time around I made an effort to incorporate it as a daily practice.

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