Transfer Day

It’s been just over a week since transfer day.

Leading up to the procedure I was feeling pretty anxious. While IVF is a significantly different experience from an IUI, I’ve had 6 failed IUIs. Six cycles. Six two-week waits…that roller coaster of emotions, hope and disappointment over and over again takes a toll. I was hopeful, but I’d been hopeful so many times before.

My strategy going into the week was to focus on all the alternative things I could do to prepare. I had nailed the science part: I took the meds as prescribed, never missed a monitoring appointment, did absolutely everything the doctor/nurses told me to do. I had 100% confidence in the team.  So it was time for me to focus on  the other stuff.  I meditated every day, did visualization exercises, I set a reminder in my phone to go off at 2pm every day with the alert “I’m pregnant”. I had affirmations on my bathroom mirror. I had a picture of a positive pregnancy test on my vision board.

I read an article that natural crystals had healing powers…so I started wearing a moonstone pendant. Moonstone is said to tap into feminine energy. I loved that more than I actually believed in it. It became my reminder of girl power. Every time I looked in the mirror and saw the pendant I’d be reminded that I’m part of a sisterhood. Women bring life into the world, we’re powerful, we’re strong, we’re resilient; the pendent reminded me of that strength and I loved it; and it if had some mysterious healing power…I’d take that too!  I watched a YouTube video from a woman who recommended Reiki and loved it, so I gave Reiki a try. I’d already done a few acupuncture sessions when I just started the IVF process and I didn’t like it that much. Reki was incredible, after my session I felt more relaxed than I’d felt in months.

By the time we got to transfer day, I was ready. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally ready.

I was still pretty anxious, but my incredible wife kept me distracted and laughing while we waited. She was so excited. She saw Transfer Day as a celebration. From day one of IVF she’s been 100% convinced that it would definitely be a success, and she’s never wavered on that. For her, transfer day meant that it was the day I’d become pregnant.

My doctor was also pretty happy and very confident. He said the embryo looked great, my lining looked fantastic and we were ready to roll. He played Led Zeplin during the transfer, had a sing along, and explained why we were missing out if we weren’t fans. It was actually hard for me to keep still at some points because of all the laughing. But I took deep breaths and visualized my body opening up and welcoming this new life.  One of the nurses was celebrating her last day before retiring after 20+ years. The other nurse had been with us during Hurricane Harvey for the retrieval, so she was excited to be with us on our big day. There was such a great atmosphere in the room that I couldn’t help but be relaxed. The positive energy was palpable.

Babies aren’t allowed in the procedure room, and with no family in town, and no daycare secured just yet, we needed help taking care of our little one. Our good friend and her husband jumped in, even though it was a work day (Friday). They took the day off, met us at the surgery center and waited in the waiting room with Baby M. They didn’t hesitate for even a second, they just wanted to be there for us.

I felt so grateful for them, it actually brought be to tears. happy tears.

Of the entire IVF journey, the actual transfer felt like the easiest part. It was over in minutes, then it was time for us to get home, and for me to get comfortable.




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