Day 11 – Med mix up

I decided to watch TV (American Ninja Warrior if you’re curious) while mixing my meds and it left me making a HUGE mistake…I mixed all the meds together.

As part of my drug protocol I mix Menopur powder with a Saline solution (twice), then I add Gonal F to the mix, fortunately Menopur and Gonal F can be mixed. Then, for a second shot, I do some powder/ solution mixing yet again for my Cetrotide shot…. well, perhaps it was the fatigue, or my watching TV, but I poured my Gonal F/ Menapur mix into the Cetrotide powder.

This created a very scary moment because I only had one more dose of these meds before I’d be out. I called the emergency number at the clinic and they told me what I already knew…”you can’t mix anything with Cetrotide, you’ll have to throw it all away and start over”.

As if some fertility angel was watching over me, it turns out that night was my last night of these shots. The next day I was to trigger.

I was prescribed Lupron as my trigger shot. One shot that night (Thursday), another 12 hour later (Friday), and then Saturday would be Retrieval Day!

After going through the anxiety and panic of running out of my medication, to the relief of realizing I no longer needed that medication…I was feeling pretty emotional, but I was just getting started. What I found out later that day was that a storm was brewing in the gulf, and it was headed straight to Houston that very weekend.


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