IVF – Week 1 Update

My first week of IVF has been quite a journey. From understanding the medications and how they’re administered, to adjusting to my body feeling different, to the many clinic appointments. IVF is not only expensive financially, but the emotions involved are significant.
Never have a felt a stronger mix of hope and fear. I hope this works. I visualize that positive pregnancy test every day. But then the fear creeps in. What if it doesn’t work? What if all the money, and injections, and office visits were all in vain?

This IVF process is my last chance to be a biological mother and it freaks me out. A dream I’ve had my entire life all rests on how my body responds over the next few days. Yes I’m hopeful and optimistic…but beneath it all is a panic – I want this so badly and I don’t know how to handle this not working.

What I’ve learned so far is to take this process one step at a time. Today I need to take 3 medications. Fortunately two of them (Gonal F and Menopur) can be mixed so I only need two shots. The 3rd medication, Cetrotide, is practically painlesss going in, but it burns and stings for about 30mins after, but it doesn’t hurt going in – so I count that as a win.

Tomorrow I’ll deal with tomorrow.

Today, I’ll take things as they come, and I’ll do my best to focus on the positive, count the wins, and celebrate how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.

My Protocol:

It was just a week ago the I had my first IVF injection. My protocol called for two medications: Menopur and Gonal F. Fortunately, they can be mixed so I only have to take one shot. Then a few days later, my protocol changed to an increased dosage of Gonal F and the introduction of another injection Cebtrotide.

The Meds: Menopur stings going in, making it really unpleasant. The Centritide doesn’t hurt going in, but once it’s done, the skin burns and is really irritated for around 30 minutes.

Monitoring: every other day I have to go in for monitoring (which includes blood work and a vaginal ultrasound). 


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