My Saline Infused Ultrasound Fail

Today was supposed to be my SIS (Saline Infused Ultrasound). It’s a simple procedure where the doctor inserts a catheter into the uterus and fills the uterus with Saline. They also do a vaginal ultrasound at the same time so they can take a look at the uterus to check for polyps or fibroids or anything that could cause a fertility issue. The procedure should take just a few minutes and it’s relatively painless with the exception of some cramping.

That was not the case with me. The doc couldn’t get the catheter to stay in. So after several very painful attempts, he determined that it simply wasn’t working. Instead, I’ll have to do a hysteriscopy (a more invasive procedure performed under general anesthesia.

Times like this I try to contour up the faith that I have. Here I was anticipating the meds being the hardest part, but I can’t even get to that phase without experiencing these setbacks along the way.

“Trust the process, things are unfolding exactly as they need to to ensure my success…”is the mantra I repeat over and over again.

So for now I wait for the surgical center to contact me and schedule my hysteroscopy.

The journey continues… 


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